60 day money back guarantee

Terms & conditions of 60 day money back Guarantee

In order for you to exercise your rights under the Spa World Australia 60 day right of return the following criteria must be met:

  1. The eligible spa must be a new model.
  2. You must be able to deliver to the participating retail store. All costs of removal and return are yours.
  3. You must be an individual natural person who is the title owner of the eligible spa. Businesses, corporations and partnershipsp���(Vp���(V`v��(Vpo�(Vظ��(V����(V�����(Vty Ltd or Spa World Australia Pty Ltd's agent. Such damage may include, without limitation, internal or external scratches, scrapes, dents, odors, rips, burns, etc.
  4. Your eligible spa must have been returned to a participating dealership where you purchased it, in the same working order as it was on the delivery date.
  5. Your eligible spa must not have been subject to any liens or other security interests.
  6. A minimum of thirty (30) days must have passed since the delivery date of your eligible spa.
  7. You eligible spa must undergo a full inspection by a Spa World Australia Pty Ltd representative before a refund is given.
  8. If you choose to exercise your rights under this offer, you must notify us in writing to:

Spa World Australia Pty Ltd 
PO BOX 2040 
Gateshead, NSW 2290 

ABN: 94 141 609 663 
P: +61 2 8880 7853

Version 2.0 30th June 2017