Hydrozone Swim Spa

5.9 x 2.3 x 1.3 / 1.5m
1,259 / 5,425 ltr
Weight (full)
8,174 kg
Up to 68
Spec Sheet

Quality, luxury & comfort for up to 5 adults

Exclusively available
from Spa World
60 day money back guarantee
12 colour combinations
Timber free Permaframe construction
Lifetime structural ‘no rot’ warranty
Premium SpaNet control system
SpaNet silent circulation pumps
Childproof lockable hardcover
Purezone water filters (3+1 micro)
Ozone water clarifier

Is the Hydrozone for you?

The Hydrozone is the flagship of our swim spa range. It is our only dual zone swim spa. With seperate therapy, relaxation and swim zones. This design has many advantages. One is the ability to have different temperature settings in the zones, making the most of comfort levels.

The Hydrozone has comfortable seating for the entire family, up to 68 jets, up to four high volume swim jets and 5 pumps. After a swimming work-out you can relax in the spa zone�l��(V�l��(V�So�(V���(Vm��(V�l��(V@�l��(Vy used cool down seat.

Hydrozone seat layout

Room for the entire family in our
dual zone swim spa.

Seating for the entire family

The Hydrozone comfortably seats 5 adults and also has a child seat specifically designed for the youngsters. The seating arrangements in the Hydrozone include a lounger seat, a neck and shoulder therapy seat, 2 back massage seats and a useful child and cool down seat that provides a welcome and refreshing space during your hydrotherapy sessions.

Our flagship and the only dual zone swim spa.

The Hydrozone is our ultimate swim spa. It has dual zones which gives you absolute control over the individual temperatures and settings. This means you will always get the most from your Hydrozone. It is available in either a standard 1.3 metre depth, or the XD at 1.5 metres.

1 lounger seat

What better way to unwind after a great workout than relaxing in a fully jetted hydrotherapy lounger? A combination of air and hydrotherapy jets ensure your entire body gets a massage, from your shoulders to your feet. Total control and total relaxation, the Hydrozone way.

1 shoulder and neck therapy seat

If you feel stress and tension in your shoulders, you'll love the shoulder and neck therapy seat in the Hydrozone. Four massaging jets are embedded within the therapy collar, combine this with the seat jets and you have a sublime hydrotherapy massage that focuses on your problem area. Perfection.

2 back massage seats

Whether it's lower, middle or upper back the back massage seats in the Hydrozone are designed to reach the entire area. At one time or another, most of us experience discomfort or a tight back, this is where the Hydrozone excels. So just sit back and relax.

1 cool down seat

The Hydrozone has a cool down seat, it sits higher than the other seats and helps keep your body temperature nice and consistent during a full hydrotherapy session. The cool down seat is also suitable for families with young children, so any 2 - 5 year olds can enjoy the spa without having to sit on an adults lap.

2 standing / corner back massage zones 

We realise that the 2 back massage corners are NOT seats as such. But, they both offer relaxing hydrotherapy sessions for before, after, or even during your serious and strenuous workouts. Standing corner back massages are available on the Hydrozone Pro, Pro Plus and Extreme models.

Hydrozone Gallery

The perfect temperature, all year.


Hydrozone Jet Layout

Hydrozone Pro

Standard jets

  • 2 x 150mm High Volume Swim Jets
  • 2 x 127mm Directional Spinning Jets
  • 5 x 127mm Single Spinning Jets
  • 6 x 75mm Directional Jets
  • 9 x 75mm Single Spinning Jets
  • 14 x 50mm Directional Jets
  • 12 x 50mm Twin Spinner Jets
  • 16 x 40mm Air Jets

Jet Types

Your perfect training partner.

Swim Jet Options

Swim Zone Options

The Hydrozone swim spa is available in four swim options. All models have exactly the same seating layout and features, the only difference is the number of swim jets in the swim resistance zone and the overall number of pumps.

2,400 litres of force

Each individual swim jet is capable of driving 600 litres of water per minute into the swim zone. That's up to a massive 2,400 litres per minute!

Swim zone models

The Hydrozone Plunge has no swim jets and two pumps. The Hydrozone Pro has two powerful swim jets and three pumps, while the Pro Plus has three swim jets and four pumps and the Hydrozone Extreme is the ultimate with four powerful swim jets and five pumps.
Note: The electrical requirements for each model are: Plunge 15amp, Pro and Pro Plus 32amp, and Extreme 45amp.


Zero swim jets
2 water pumps
Swim Flow
Zero swim jets
- $ 1,000


2 swim jets
3 water pumps
Swim Flow
1,200 lpm
2 swim jets
+ $ 0.00

Pro Plus

3 swim jets
4 water pumps
Swim Flow
1,800 lpm
3 swim jets
+ $ 1,000


4 swim jets
5 water pumps
Swim Flow
2,400 lpm
4 swim jets
+ $ 2,000

Delicious Colour

Contemporary palette

Our contemporary colour palette is hand selected from the latest Australasian home design fashions. Created to please those with the most discerning tastes looking for intelligent colour solutions.

Relax and unwind.

Light everywhere

Vortex Spas Hydroglow lighting system has become the envy of all others. Our innovative use of LED has changed the way spa pools are being lit. Now, thanks to Hydroglow it's very easy to have your swim spas light match your colourful personality.

Meet the Vortex Hydroglow family

Hydroglow Jets

One of the first frustrations we had with traditional spa lighting was the fact it was one big light. When what we really wanted was a sparkle of light everywhere. We wanted to create ambiance, without it being too bright. By making each jet core translucent we were able to backlight it with multi-coloured, attractive LED lighting. This idea started the Vortex Spas light revolution, bringing just the right light to everywhere.

Waterline lights

These lights form a ring around the waterline to give a fairylight effect and sparkle. Your soft, twinkling light is colour synced to the hydroglow family.

Backlit topside controls

The controls need to be seen in the dark. By applying the same translucent component idea to the controls, we found a way to make them not only pretty, but easy to see.

Backlit laminar jets

Our backlit laminar water jets create a continuous unbroken stream of water that creates no splash or noise. Be the envy of your neighbourhood with this beautiful and totally mesmerising water feature.

Non-slip backlit cup holder

It’s important to stay hydrated while in your spa. Our backlite coasters illuminate your drink and help reduce accidental spills. Included in Avante upgrade.

Illuminated water feature

There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of running water. Add a touch of light and you have created the perfect sanctuary to be rested and mindful.

LED flood light

Our powerful LED flood light does the heavy lifting to illuminate your spa at night. This leaves the other lights to add ambience to all the right places.

Step lights

Getting in and out of a spa in the dark can be a hazard. The Vortex Hydroglow step lights are strategically placed above the steps for clear visibility without killing the mood.


Control your spa remotely from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is select this Optional Added Feature and then download the phone app (Android or Apple). Take full control of your spa functions simply and remotely with SV SmartLINK.

SmartSTREAM Sound System

Optional Added Feature
Set the mood instantly with our fully integrated
 and totally invisible SmartSTREAM sound system.

Our invisible, state of the art transducer speaker system leaves the spa surfaces clear of obstacles and reduces moving parts. This leaves you with nothing but sweet tunes and zero maintenance. Our invisible speakers are matched with a powerful sub-woofer to give you that extra growl. Spend time deeply immersed in music that matches your hydrotherapy mood.

Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth allows easy connection to the SmartSTREAM sound system. Use the control pad to select your tunes and there's no need to ever touch your smart phone.

Perfectly located

Both the SmartSTREAM controls and the dock are conveniently located on your spa. This guarantees easy access whether you're in or out of your spa.

3.5mm connection

Don’t have blue tooth but still want to connect? No problem. The 3.5mm jack's the most popular audio connector and you’ll find it located within the phone dock.

Smart phone protection

Obviously spa pools are wet areas. Your SmartSTREAM sound system includes a smart phone 'splash proof dock' to protect your valuable device.

Entertain friends and family.

Additional Features

Additional features

Vortex swim spas are packed with industry leading features. Take a closer look and see for yourself why
Vortex Spas are the best value, high quality swim spas available anywhere in the world.

Total control

At the very heart of your Vortex swim spa is the keypad. This gives you total control from
either inside or outside the spa. Turn your lights on/off, change colour and colour
modes to fit your mood. Adjust the temperature to your desired comfort levels.
Turn the jets or the air bubbles on/off to get the massage you desire. Set
the operating and cleaning modes.

Wireless control

Your Vortex swim spa can be controlled remotely if you have opted for the
Vortex wireless controller module and have downloaded the app. All from
the comfort of your couch.

Twin Laminar Jets

Tranquil and beautiful. The laminar jets smooth and uninterrupted flow of
water is both relaxing and mesmerising. It's also a 'splash-free' feature.

Jet pressure controllers

Conveniently located to be adjusted while in your swim spa.
Our jet pressure controllers allow you to ‘dial up’ your desired jet intensity
so you can maximise relaxation and hydrotherapy.

Easy in, easy out

We’ve made getting in and out of your swim spa simple and safe.
Easy as that. Avoid the risk of falls and slips by adding our
maintenance free colour matched steps to your package.
Practical and affordable.

Crystal clear water

Minimal chemicals, maximum comfort

Protect your family from unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals.

Vortex swim spas feature advanced water treatment technologies that work together in tandem with a light chemical boost to keep your water crystal clear and healthy.

The Purezone clean water system

Purezone Micro Filtration

Purezone Ozone Water Clarifier

Purezone U/V Purifier

Purezone Micro Filtration

The starting point of any effective water treatment system is to remove water borne contaminants. So it makes perfect sense to filter out as many contaminants as possible.

Conventional paper cartridges trap particles as small as 50 microns (50/1000th of a millimetre). The Purezone Micro Filtration is 10 times more effective, trapping particles an incredible 5 microns (5/1000th of a millimetre).

Purezone Ozone Water Clarifier

Ozone clarification is a proven technology that has been used for decades to automatically clarify spa and pool water. It was created as an alternative to chemical clarifiers. But used incorrectly, ozone can be rendered ineffective or at worst, damage the components of your spa.

Vortex has taken ozone technology to the next level by linking it with a unique mixing chamber, which increases the ozone's contact time with the water. This ensures maximum effectiveness and eliminates the possibility of damage to your swim spa.

Purezone UV Water Purifier

The UV technology found in the Purezone system is not new. In fact you will find it purifying drinking water and public swimming pools all around the world. However, Vortex have pioneered it's use in spa pools. 

UV sterilization kills 99.9% of water borne viruses and bacteria, including the hard to reach Giardia and Cryptosporidium viruses. For this reason, it is now mandatory on public swimming pools in many states in the US.

“There is a lot of data, information and science behind UV. The most exciting thing is it's ability to inactivate cryptosporidium. 

UV can stop cryptosporidium almost immediately. In fact, UV has the same effect on Giardia, a protozoan parasite responsible for another recreational water illness called giardiasis.”

Tom Lachocki, PhD, CEO of the US national Swimming Pool Foundation.

Through it's sterilizing effect, Vortex's Purezone Spa Pool UV steriliser will not only make your swim spa safe for you and your family, but also reduce your use of chemical sanitisers.

Childs play, all day.

Good for your budget, great for the planet

High on features, low on running costs

We believe a spa should fit your budget, not take ALL your budget. That is why we have designed your Vortex swim spa to operate efficiently and effectively with minimal heating and cleaning costs

The Vortex temperature control system

Green Technology

Vortex are in sync with todays' green electronic technologies. We take advantage of smart meters. These react and recall your behaviour, they then tune to the most efficient daily operating procedure for you. 

Premium Insulation

All Vortex spas feature perimeter insulation that's designed to minimise heat loss. Optional insulation packs can be added that will increase the overall efficiency of your swim spa.

Hybrid Heating

A conventional spa heater turns 1 kilowatt of electricity into 1 kilowatt of heat. Our Hybrid Heat Pump turns 1 kilowatt of electricity into 5 kilowatts of heat. This gives you up to 4 kilowatts of heat for FREE!


Intelligent thermal tuning

No two spas are the same when it comes to thermal performance and heat retention. The Vortex control system will adapt and tune itself to the thermal properties of your spa pool and its environment, day to day, season to season, this will reduce 'on-demand heating'.

The Vortex control system actually 'learns' the behaviour of your spa. By reducing the temperature drop required before the heater switches on, Reactive Heater Control provides more consistent spa water temperatures and lowers your daily operating costs.

Smart meter ready

Simply put, a smart electricity meter allows your electricity supplier to charge higher prices for electricity when demand is high, but reward consumers who shift their consumption to those times of day when demand is low - such as overnight.

Using Power Save software, your Vortex spa is designed to do it's filtering and heating when power costs are at their lowest. Best of all, total control is in your hands. You can tailor the operation of your Vortex spa to take advantage of smart meter technology to further reduce your spa's running costs.

High density foam locking cover

Every Vortex Spa comes with a custom fitted, high density foam locking cover.

Heat rises, so it makes sense to get the very best insulation on the top of your spa. Your Vortex high density foam cover locks onto your spa. This seals the heat in along with the added safety of keeping the kids out!

Built to withstand 80kgs of weight and made from ultra UV resistant vinyl and high density foam. When looked after it will give you years of exceptional service.

Perimeter insulation

The Vortex perimeter insulation system has two features that make it superior to the traditional ‘foam on shell’ spa insulation system.

First, by insulating the cabinet instead of the shell, Vortex spas recycles lost heat from the pumps and equipment, it also insulates the plumbing that would otherwise lose heat to the environment. This results in less overall heat loss and therefore, lower �l��(V�l��(V�So�(V���(Vm��(V�l��(V@�l��(Vu, you'll enjoy a quieter, more tranquil and restful spa experience.

Arctic pack

The Vortex Arctic pack increases the perimeter insulation to 50mm. This system offers the ultimate level of insulation and is extensively used on Vortex Spas sold in regions with extreme climates such Scandinavia and Canada.

Dual layer insulation

The Vortex dual layer insulation covers both the outer cabinet and the shell. This is the most efficient way to insulate. It traps air and uses the same principles as those utilised by modern double glazed windows.

Vortex dual layer system keeps the heat from the pumps and plumbing, reduces noise and provides a warm layer between the water and the outside of the spa. Adding the optional dual layer insulation adds a higher level of heat retention than the standard Perimeter insulation.

Hybrid Heat Pump

Adding a Vortex Hybrid Heat Pump to your spa will give you the lowest possible heating costs.

Reduce heating costs

A conventional spa pool heater turns 1 kilowatt of electricity into 1 kilowatt of heat. The Vortex hybrid heat pump turns 1 kilowatt of electricity into 5 kilowatts of heat, giving you up to 4 kilowatts of heat for free!

Even accounting for the cost of running your pumps, overall running costs will be slashed by more than 50%. Over the life of your spa, this will lead to savings of thousands of dollars.

Heating Type kWh Cost per kWh Total Cost (24hr) Saving
Conventional spa pool heater 8.5 $0.26 $2.21 0%
Hybrid Heat pump standard 3.7 $0.26 $0.96 56%
Hybrid heat pump with Power Save 3.7 $0.116+ $0.49 73%

* Test results conducted under Australian conditions
* Based on a 1000 litres at a 20 degree ambient temperature. 

Cools your spa too

Not only will the Vortex Hybrid Heat Pump heat your spa economically. It will also cool your spa efficiently and effectively. In hotter climates, when other spas will be unbearable, your Vortex spa will be an oasis of cool water to refresh and recharge.

Dual hybrid heating

The Vortex Hybrid Heat Pump is the only spa pool heat pump available that works in tandem with the spas conventional heater. This gives you up to a massive 12 kilowatts of heating power when rapid heat recovery is required.


Vortex means quality

Guaranteed to last so you can relax

We focus on quality. From the initial design and construction process, through to every individual swim spa leaving our factory. This focus allows us to confidently stand behind every swim spa we make. Our warranties are the envy of the spa industry.

Structural shell warranty

Unbelievably, most spa pool structural warranties are pro-rata. This means they reduce in value as the spa ages. Leading to hefty costs if your spa's shell structure fails in the latter part of it's warranty.

Vortex Spa's structural warranty is non pro-rata. So if your swim spa's shell structure fails anytime within the 10 year warranty, we replace it. No questions asked.

Acrylic surface warranty

All Vortex swim spa's are offered with a 5 year 'non pro-rata acrylic surface warranty. Our high quality acrylic surface warranty guarantees against any surface blisters that result in water loss for five years.

Vortex Spa's structural warranty is non pro-rata. So if your swim spa's shell structure fails anytime within the 10 year warranty, we replace it. No questions asked.

Jet warranty

Whilst it is possible to produce the spa's jets and other plastic components using a quantity of reused plastics, it is difficult to guarantee their fundamental quality. 

Vortex Spa jets are produced using the highest grade 'virgin' plastics. This ensures the longest possible life span. This is why we can give you an industry leading, 5 year jet replacement warranty.

Plumbing & heater warranty

The plumbing system of all Vortex swim spas is warranted against leaking for 5 years.

The heater is also warranted against defects for a period of 5 years.

Pump & equipment warranty

The circulation pump, jet pump(s) and electronic control system of all Vortex swim spas are warranted against defects for 2 years.

*For full warranty details please contact your local store.Find Vortex Spa's closest store here.

Aristech acrylic

Isn't is nice to know that your Vortex swim spa is made out of the best acrylic available. Our acrylic is made in the USA by Aristech. 

Rest easy knowing your swim spa's acrylic is manufactured to handle the weather extremes.

Steel frame

All Vortex swim spa frames use top quality, durable steel.  This is because a steel structure retains its integrity and requires minimal on-going maintenance. 

Wooden batons are strategically placed within the framework to assist where fastening is required. 

Thermabond 4 layer shell construction

At the heart of any quality swim spa is a quality spa shell. After all, whilst pumps and other equipment can be replaced,�l��(V�l��(V�So�(V���(Vm��(V�l��(V(�l��(Vtion process not found in most swim spas. This process includes the curing of the shell in a temperature and humidity controlled oven. This is absolutely vital if the shell of the swim spa is to last the lifetime of ownership.

Thermaclad cabinet

Because Thermoclad is produced using a UV resistant polymer, with the exception of a regular hose down, Thermoclad requires no maintenance. Contrast this to natural timbers which must be stained on a regular basis, Thermoclad is a great time saving alternative.

Due to the hot, damp environment that occurs around a swim spa, even the hardiest of timbers will be susceptible to mold and mildew. As a synthetic material, this will not be the case with your Thermoclad cabinet.

Hydroflow bearing-less jets

Vortex swim spas come with a 5 year jet warranty. Our Hydroflow jets last and last because our they have no bearings to fail. This makes them extremely reliable even under heavy use.

Duraflex plumbing

Nobody wants a leaking swim spa! Vortex Spas are plumbed using Duraflex flexible PVC plumbing, which is specially designed for use in high performance swim spas.

Duraflex incorporates a coil of rigid PVC within it's walls that allows the piping to flex but not kink. This ensures equal pressure to every jet whilst avoiding rigid right angle joints that can reduce hydrotherapy pressure.